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Frank’s Group is proud to offer our customers a full Quality Control department to ensure your job meets the high standards required of it.  With both a number of certified NACE Coating inspectors and a dedicated Quality Control Department.  We have the resources and proficiency to meet all your quality control needs.

Frank’s Group has developed a high status for ensuring Quality Services by having implementing a quality control plan for all of our projects.  The benefits of developing a quality control plan includes:

  • Quality: The QC Plan reduces waste and improves the quality of products.  It's structure and discipline provide a thorough evaluation of the product and process. They control sources of variation (input variables) which cause variation in product characteristics (output variables).

  • Customer Satisfaction: Control Plans focus resources on process and product characteristics that are important to the customer. The proper allocation of resources on these major items helps to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

  • Communication: As a living document the QC Plan identifies and communicates changes in the product/process characteristics, control methods, and characteristic measurement methods.

NACE Certified Coating Inspectors


Plant 1

Collins Aikoriegie (NACE CIP Level 3)

John Bright (NACE CIP Level 2)


Plant 2

Chad Brost (NACE CIP Level 1)

Scott Devries (NACE CIP Level 2) - Quality Control Manager

Ross Pirart (NACE CIP Level 1)


Plant 3

Brayden Jacobson (NACE CIP Level 2)

Francesco Marrazzo (NACE CIP Level 1)


Plant 5

Chelsea Howard (NACE CIP Level 2)


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