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We use high-pressure stream with a variety of different material to alter the surface of an object.  Along with in house blast cleaning, We have mobile units that can bring our service to you complete with man-lifts, heaters and hoarding material to minimize dust in your work area.

Fireproofing is the use of fire-resistant materials for the protections of structural members to ensure structural integrity in the event of a fire.  

We have a great deal of experience with various types of coatings. Originally, we started with primers and industrial enamels based on the single stage alkyd system. 



Since 1970, Frank’s Group has provided quality workmanship to a wide range of customers.  Our Alberta-based company is family-owned and operated, providing our customers with the benefit of personalized service.  Every detail that goes into a customer’s order reflects our strong commitment to providing them with the same service and quality upon which our company’s reputation has been built.  We are proud and honored to congratulate several of our employees on their 25 plus year anniversary with Frank’s Group.  They are the core part of what makes our company so successful.  

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